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Recommended sources for further information

1. General resources for futurists

The World Future Society

The Millennium Project

IEET.org – The Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technology

Singularity Weblog – by Nikola Danaylov

The Future of Humanity Institute – Oxford University

H+ Magazine – published by Humanity+

2. Further information about topics discussed in specific chapters of Anticipating 2025

An optimist’s tour of the future – featuring Mark Stevenson

Fast Future Research – by Rohit Talwar

Maneesh Juneja – blog

Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology – featuring Sonia Contera

The SENS Research Foundation – featuring the Rejuvenation Biotechnology programme of Aubrey de Grey

Pandora’s Brain – blog by Calum Chace

Azuri Technologies – featuring Simon Bransfield-Garth

Andart – blog by Anders Sandberg

Wave: Positive social change through technology – featuring M Amon Twyman

The Zeitgeist Movement Defined – featuring Ben McLeish

The Hedonistic Imperative – by David Pearce

The Transhumanist Philosopher – Psychology Today blog by Zoltan Istvan

Transhumanist design portfolio – by Natasha Vita-More

Accessible neurostimulation – extended bibliography (PDF) – by Andrew Vladimirov

Retirement Singularity – blog by Michael Nuschke

Biogerontology Research Foundation – featuring Alex Zhavoronkov

Global Resource Observatory – featuring Victor Anderson

dw2blog – by David Wood

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