Table of contents

Table of Contents

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Part I: Setting the scene

  • 1. Roadblocks en route to 2025, by David Wood
  • 2. The Big Shift – Citizenship in 2025, by Mark Stevenson
  • 3. The Path to 2025: Driving forces, global challenges, potential disruptions, and business scenarios, by Rohit Talwar & Iva Lazorova

Part II: Re-designing medicine and healthcare

  • 4. Will advancing technology make doctors unemployed? by Maneesh Juneja
  • 5. The convergence of nano and bio, and the future of medicine, by Sonia Contera
  • 6. Aubrey de Grey’s Rejuvenation Biotechnology programme, by Peter Morgan

Part III: Re-designing Artificial Intelligence

  • 7. Six important questions about Artificial Intelligence, by Calum Chace
  • 8. On human-machine merger by and after 2025, by Martin Dinov & Elias Rut

Part IV: Re-designing society

  • 9. (Em)powering Africa, by Freemavens
  • 10. Smarter policymaking through improved collective cognition? by Anders Sandberg
  • 11. Convergent Risk, Social Futurism, and the Wave of Change, by M Amon Twyman
  • 12. Updating Technical Values and Hacking Culture-Lag, by Ben McLeish

Part V: Re-designing humanity

  • 13. High-Tech Jainism, by David Pearce
  • 14. Cryonics, Special Needs People, and the Coming Transhumanist Future, by Zoltan Istvan
  • 15. Transhumanism: an iterative design challenge, by Natasha Vita-More
  • 16. Love and sex with robots, by David Levy
  • 17. The future of accessible neurostimulation, by Andrew Vladimirov

Part VI: Next steps

  • 18. Personal Financial Implications of Future Trends, by Michael Nuschke
  • 19. Extend productive longevity – or perish, by Alex Zhavoronkov
  • 20. The Future Doesn’t Care About Your Start-Up, by Riva-Melissa Tez
  • 21. Ecology & Technology: colliding or combining? by Victor Anderson
  • 22. The Millennium Project and the State of the Future, by Jerome Glenn
  • Afterword, by David Wood


  • A1. Driving Forces: 100 Trends and Developments Shaping the Path to 2025, by Rohit Talwar & Iva Lazorova
  • A2. Distant Thunder: 50 Emerging Concepts that could Rewrite the Future, by Rohit Talwar & Iva Lazorova

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